The EFACS User Group

The User Group has been created to improve communications with our customers and provide access to better information and an exchange between different users with regard to their experiences and methods of operation.

The User Group aims are:

  • To facilitate networking and exchange of knowledge amongst members.
  • To maintain and develop close relationships between Exel and our customers.
  • To add value for you, as a member.

The User Group facilitates a regular meeting for members to attend where they can learn about new software developments, meet and discuss EFACS/Eagle with other members and benefit from shared knowledge.

Smaller break-out workshops are held, that concentrate on specialist areas where a more in-depth analysis is taken. There is also a provision for clients from specific industry types to group together in order to discuss their use of EFACS in their relevant industry.

The last User Group event saw a delegate registration number of 200, from 85 companies.

For further information or to join the EFACS User Group, please email our Customer Services Team:


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