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Our partners are integral to our business. Whether they are client partners, sales partners or industry partners, we place great value on long-term, trusting and profitable working relationships with companies who are passionate about the possibilities of Business Software.

Client Partners

We are committed to working alongside our clients in a professional and effective partnership. Whilst many businesses talk about working in partnership, Exel has built long-term relationships with its clients. Many customers have been with Exel for over 10 years and have continued to expand and grow their systems alongside our new technology and functionality.

We realise through years of experience that the best outcomes are achieved when both the customer and the supplier have common goals and work together in an open and flexibile way to deliver the required objectives.

Our goal is to deliver on the effective implementation of a business solution that is crucial to the future success and efficiency of your organisation. We have a long list of successful implementations in manufacturing, service and distribution companies acknowledging the importance we attach to this business partnership.

VAR Programme Partners

Exel Computer Systems are looking for value-added resellers for our integrated business software solutions.

Exel Computer Systems plc is a leading UK based author of integrated business solutions. Since 1985 Exel has been designing, developing, implementing and fully supporting integrated business software solutions. This focus ensures that Exel’s customers can expect advances in both technology and functionality to be reflected in leading edge software design and the on-going development of new application modules.

Exel are seeking to appoint value added resellers for our products outside the United Kingdom. Our products will offer you the potential to partner with an established software house, enable you to grow your organisation and increase your profits.

Industry Partners

Exel Computer Systems’ software solutions are now in use in more than 20 countries. We work closely with the following companies to deliver systems around the world.

cimco logoCimco Ltd
Unit 12/1
BUI Building
12 Floor
177/1 Surawong Rd
Bangkok 10500
jobpack logoJobpack Inc
420 Airport Rd
Suite B
IL 60123
profitsflow logoProfitsFlow
Wexford Enterprise Centre
Strandfield Business Park
Rosslare Road
Y35 V048

Why Sell Our Software?

A quality product, using the latest technology means that we will always be at the forefront of innovations in the market.

  • Proven solutions, tens of thousands of users and hundreds of customers worldwide
  • Rapid implementation times and proven implementation methodologies
  • Flexible functionality – fit to the customer’s business
  • Platform independent
  • Modern Browser based – technology lead solution
  • Exel has a strong pedigree of innovation and software development

Exel Computer Systems recognises the importance of the relationships we have with our VARs. We have a proven and successful ‘VAR Programme’, which offers the following benefits…

  • Very competitive margins on software licences
  • A fully tailored training programme, enabling VARs to get started quickly
  • A responsive Technical & Implementation Support Team means that you are never on your own, and can work with confidence with customers and prospects
  • Dedicated marketing resource to assist our VARs to build the Exel brands

Business Partners

Exel Computer Systems plc work with many other companies to deliver our integrated business solutions. Our key business partners include:

ibm logo
techdata logo
netbank logo
here logo
pca predict logo

iomart logo



Interested in partnering with us?

Contact our partners team to discuss how your business can partner with us. Our team can discuss the benefits of our integrated business software solutions.

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