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Project Management

We don’t just develop software: we also place great importance in making sure that it is implemented successfully and is smoothly integrated into your business. Our tried-and-tested implementation methodology uses logical and comprehensive steps in order to achieve this.

Comprehensive Implementation

At Exel we have been successfully implementing our software within businesses since 1985.

We have a team of highly trained project management consultants whose role it is to ensure that all system implementations are carried out successfully so that the maximum benefits are achieved.

Each project is evaluated, simulated and controlled on its own merits. The strategy behind our project management program follows proven successful and logical steps. Our methodology is designed to ensure that all aspects of any implementation are comprehensively evaluated, documented, actioned, reviewed and developed for each project against the business needs and resources of each individual customer.

Exel’s comprehensive Implementation Guide enables those companies that require a fast implementation to move the project forward quickly and efficiently from day one.

Over the years Exel has refined the implementation methodology by taking advantage of latest technologies, new legislation, experience and best practice. Exel utilises three alternative methodologies to handle projects. Many aspects of these three approaches are similar. The differences are in how the early stages of the project are handled. The methods will be discussed either during the sales process or at the start of the project and the most appropriate method agreed between the customer and Exel.

Our Implementation Approach

The three project implementation methods are termed:

Business Review

The Business Review Approach is based on the premise that the Exel Implementation Consultants will train you in all aspects of the business system. Then in conjunction with Exel you will review your business processes and procedures and choose the most appropriate configuration settings and options in order to allow you to run your business as efficiently as possible.

Business Defined

The Business Defined Approach to implementing EFACS/Eagle is best suited to companies who do not wish to radically alter their existing internal procedures and processes. If you have previously reviewed and improved your procedures you may need your business system to dovetail with these existing processes. The training and consultancy provided by Exel will therefore be tailored to the specific way in which EFACS/Eagle is required to work for you.

Incremental Review

The Incremental Review Approach is appropriate where processes need to be determined jointly with Exel assistance. It is typically used where a small team needs leading through to a solution, and is not suitable where a large project has separate concurrent work streams.

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