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Exel's comprehensive software solutions have been successfully implemented for hundreds of varying clients, across multiple industry sectors. Thousands of users access our software daily to help run some of the worlds most well known companies.

Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, our software supports the manufacture of a wide range of components, from engines to landing gear to specialist coatings. It facilitates the management of processes, such as subcontracted activities, lean manufacturing, asset tracking and much more.

The comprehensive functionality and integrated nature of EFACS make it the ideal choice for manufacturers in this field. Supplier management, purchasing management, quality assurance and multiple other functionalities are all connected within a single system.

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Automotive Industry

In the industry that first created the concepts of Lean, Kanban and Just in Time (JIT), our flexible, integrated software is the perfect companion for processes of continuous improvement and manufacturing excellence. It is designed to adapt to the changes in demand in the automotive industry, to aid with faster response times and greater efficiency.

All key aspects of automotive manufacture, such as tender and supply chain management, quotation, materials resource planning, CRM, vendor managed inventory and more are integrated in an end-to-end system that can be used with ease through the EFACS browser based interface.

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Electronics Industry

Our software is used by clients producing electronics for a wide range of applications in different industries. In particular, EFACS is very well suited to the production of mechatronics products which combine software, mechanical design and PCB.

We help you to meet the challenges of the electronics supply chain through, for example, maximised efficiency and optimal utilisation of facilities, stock and staff and the elimination of waste. Integrated batch traceability and serial number functions also facilitate successful product life cycle management.

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Engineering Industry

Whether you are producing high or low volumes, and whatever type of product you are manufacturing, our software is flexible enough to meet the demands of any engineering business.

Real-time data via the browser based interface allows the optimisation of materials consumption and production capacity planning. Our software’s highly-developed planning system incorporates the availability of department, machine and human resources, different employee skill levels and set-up and clean down times for machines. EFACS Engineering Change Controls also ensure the highly-effective management of product life cycles.

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Food & Beverage Industry

While manufacturing systems have previously been predominantly used in engineering sectors, they are now increasingly being adopted by the food and beverage industries. This importance of time management, traceability and transparency in an industry that handles perishable raw goods means that EFACS offers significant advantages for food and beverage manufacture.

Widely used by clients in the dairy, condiment and bakery sectors, among many others, our software keeps all of your important information for recipe management, batch control and traceability and all other key processes in one place, accessible via a user-friendly interface.

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Service Industry

Not all Exel customers are manufacturers. Increasingly, companies are using our integrated business systems to manage their field service teams, such as managing installation engineers, service engineers or maintenance teams. This is due to our continued commitment to provide a market leading Field Service Management (FSM) solution as part of our fully integrated business system.

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