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Aerospace Software

The stringent demands placed upon aerospace manufacturers and fleet maintenance organisations makes EFACS a popular choice in this sector, where it is used by manufacturers of components for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

Aerospace Industry

Landing gear, airframes, avionics, jet and conventional aero-engines; as well as components incorporating advanced composites, laminates and specialist coatings comprise just some of the items manufactured using EFACS.

Complex manufacturing processes, including subcontracted activities and lean processes that make efficient use of inventory and resources, can be managed using EFACS Capacity Planning and MRP modules.

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) functionality, available in EFACS, enables asset tracking with serialised audit trails incorporating records of in-flight times and repair activity and components used.

The fully integrated structure of our Software ensures that replacement and renewal business opportunities can be maximised as part of planned product obsolescence programs.

Development of Qualified Manufacturers Lists for critical components can be achieved using EFACS’ integrated supplier, purchasing management, quality assurance and stock control functionality.

Client Case Study: Magellan Aerospace

Magellan Aerospace (UK) Limited is a leading design to manufacture supplier of aerospace structural components and assemblies. A wholly owned subsidiary of Magellan Aerospace Corporation, this company is a tier one supplier of products ranging from small intricate valves, through to single one-piece spars exceeding 18 meters in length, assembled and delivered to point of use…

“For us, EFACS is simply an essential part of how we do business now. The company has grown in terms of sales and profitability, which EFACS must take some credit for as it is in operation on all of our sites and is consistently delivering what we require from an solution.” Eric Shelley, Business Information Systems Manager.

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